Machinery and Equipment Appraisals


Appraisals of machinery and equipment are carried principalmete market operations:

  •      Negotiation buy / sell
  •      lease
  •      Credits
  •      Insurance
  •      finance
  •      Tax Credits
  •      Sale of goods
  •      embargoes
  •      settlement
  •      Auditoriías and control of assets
  •      Restatement of Financial Statements

The purpose of the appraisal is to determine the market value of the furniture, in the current state it is in.

To determine the market value of the Machinery and equipment the following factors are considered including:

  •      The characteristics of machines and equipment.
  •      Current Status of operation.
  •      Brand and representation of machines.
  •      Maintenance.
  •      Technology.
  •      Straight line depreciation.
  •      Degree of marketing machinery.
  •      Values ​​may vary according to the price of foreign currency.



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