"We are an Integrative Solutions Company Heritage consists of Valuers, Engineers, Architects, Accountants, Real Estate, Notaries. Providing advice in Real Estate and Valuation Specialist. In deNegocios bouquet, machinery, Urban and Rural properties; Property Appraisal and commercialize certify, service surveying, supervision, project and construction management permits, licenses, registration and regularization of land, in the shortest possible time ensuring efficient services professional and ethical manner "is offered.


"Appraisal and Real Estate Group SC, intended as a management company, Real Estate and Valuation, recognized in international market and real estate appraisers by the efficiency, capacity and quality of their services."

General Objective of the Firm.

Provide services designed to increase productivity and business of the organization, supporting the optimization of resources and updating the team, to benefit the client, as this will allow a service of excellence.

Securities Firm.

Trust - Loyalty - Ethics - Teamwork - Social Commitment - Service Quality - Honesty - Efficiency - Responsibility

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